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Calculate my frame height

With the size of your bike or e-bike stands and falls the riding pleasure. Only with the optimal frame size you have full control in all situations. However, this can be determined relatively easily and in a short time.

How it works

1. Determine your body measurements

For this you need only a spirit level or a wide book and a tape measure. In order not to falsify your results you should take off your pants. Stand with your back to a wall and clamp the spirit level between your outstretched feet. As if you were sitting on a saddle. Now measure the distance between the top edge of the spirit level and the floor. It is best to have someone help you. This distance is your stride length.

2. Calculate individual frame size

Now enter your determined stride length in our calculator. If the calculated value is between two frame sizes, the following applies:

  • For a lively and agile ride choose the smaller size
  • If you attach more importance to a smooth ride and more comfort, then choose the larger frame

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