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Which e-bike is right for me?

The triumphal march of e-bikes can no longer be stopped. Experts agree on that. In recent years, the segment of e-bikes experienced a real explosion. In hilly and mountainous regions, bikes supported by electric motors offer unimagined opportunities for all age groups and regardless of physical ability. Uphills can be conquered effortlessly and even longer distances are no longer a problem. Accordingly, the range of e-bikes became large. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to keep track of all e-bike types and their field of application. Here we would like to bring some light into the dark and give you a brief overview of the wide range of different types.


The classic-the e-mountain bike

Flowy downhills over edgy rocks, damp roots and through tough mud, as well as action-packed, adrenaline-pumping and tricky jumps - with these sporty all-rounders, such interludes are no problem. The e-mountain bike is the perfect vehicle if you often ride off-road. The e-mountain bike is available in 2 different versions. As a hardtail or fully. Unlike the Fully, a hardtail has no rear shock, but only a suspended front wheel. If you use an e-mountain bike mainly for riding on well-paved roads, dirt and forest roads and only occasionally on a dirt road or downhill single trails, then a hardtail is the right e-mountain bike for you. In addition, a hardtail is usually cheaper to buy and has a lower weight. The range of use of a Fully, on the other hand, knows no limits. Whether single trail, bike park or a tour in the Alps, with a fully you are guaranteed to have fun. Fullys offer better traction, stability and of course comfort due to the full-suspension design. The more extreme you like it the more suspension travel is recommended.

The speedster - The E-race bike

Why an e-road bike? What is the point of a racing bike with a motor? Sure, for competition and professional racing bikes with electronic support will not play a role in the future. But in the touring sector and for hobby riders, the advantages are obvious. For older road cyclists, demanding tours remain feasible, for racing bike fans who often don't have time for training, the possibilities also increase and differences in condition in groups can be balanced out.


The All-Rounder - The E-Trekking Bike

Trekking bikes with electric motors are designed for longer tours on different terrain. This makes them flexible and combines their characteristics of sportiness and comfort. An e-trekking bike rides sportily and at the same time can be easily loaded with luggage. Just like city bikes, trekking bikes are equipped with mudguards, luggage racks, lights and reflectors and are therefore suitable for road use. Their versatility makes e-trekking bikes ideal for people who don't want to commit to just one use and want assistance in the form of an electric motor.


The city runabout - The e-city bike

In city traffic, things are turbulent. So it's important to be able to rely on good brakes, drive and tires. A rather upright seating position brings not only comfort to the daily bike routes but - thanks to a better overview - also safety. Of course, a city bike is equipped with lights and reflectors. Combine these features with an electric motor, and you get the perfect bike for the urban jungle.


Which e-bike manufacturers are there?

Nowadays, all major manufacturers have e-bikes in their program. We offer a wide selection of well-known manufacturers such as, Cube e-mountain bike, Cube e-trekking bike, Scott e-mountain bike, Scott e-trekking bike, Flyer E-Mountainbike, Flyer E-Trekkingbike, Haibike E-Mountainbike, Haibike E-Trekkingbike, Koga E-Trekkingbike, Kross E-Mountainbike, Kross E-Trekkingbike, Mondraker E-MountainbikeSinus e-trekking bike and Winora e-trekking bike.


What is the range?

The most common question we are often asked is the range in relation to e-bikes. However, this question can not be answered in a blanket manner. The range of an e-bike depends on many factors. In the first place is the capacity of the installed battery. In our e-bikes, battery modules from Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Panasonic are installed. These have a capacity of 430 to about 700Wh. Thus, depending on the terrain and selected degree of support of the motor ranges from circa 50 to well over 150km can be realized.


How fast can I go on an e-bike?

The achievable speed depends mainly on the terrain and your muscle power. However, there are legal guidelines for the maximum speed with motor assistance. In Austria, this is 25km/h. There are also faster e-bikes, but these so-called S-pedelecs are no longer legally considered a bicycle and must be registered and insured like a moped.


How much does an e-bike weigh?

Electric bikes are heavier than their classic counterparts. As a rule of thumb, the electric components weigh about 7 kilograms. In addition, the chassis optimized for motor support and the attachments such as wheels, gears, brakes, etc.. This gives a standard weight of around 20 kilograms for an e-bike. But the spread is relatively wide - from almost 30 kilos for an e-downhill bike to under 13 kilos for an e-road bike.


Do I need to pay attention to anything when caring for the bike?

To protect the electronic components should refrain from cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. Water could penetrate into the bearings of the motor, hubs or rear triangle. We recommend removing the battery and, if possible, the display before cleaning. Then spray the e-bike with a special bike shampoo or care product and clean it with a garden hose and brush. It is important to clean and lubricate the chain regularly, otherwise the service life will be significantly shortened.


What does a good e-bike cost?

A relatively well-equipped e-bike is already available from about 2000€. Depending on the equipment, battery capacity and intended use, this amount increases. The majority of the offers are between 3000 and 5000€.


Is there an e-bike insurance?

yes, with EBWF membership both the valuable e-bike and its accessories are covered against the financial consequences of damage, wear & theft.

What benefits are included in the E-Bike Insurance of the E-Bike World Federation?

With EBWF membership, both the valuable e-bike and its accessories are covered against the financial consequences of damage, wear & theft. Members of the E-Bike World Federation benefit from worldwide insurance coverage with replacement value compensation, without deductible & without age restriction. In addition, in the EBWF membership are other benefits such as 20% discount on all events of the included.



- Fully comprehensive insurance at a fair price
- E-bikes without age restriction (also carbon) including accessories insurable
- Without deductible, with replacement value compensation
- Protection in case of accident, fall and transport damage
- Wear incl. tires, brakes and gears
- Protection in case of electronic and battery damage
- Protection in case of theft and robbery
- Vandalism and damage by third parties
- Worldwide coverage

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