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Which bike is right for me?

The bicycle as a means of transportation has changed and evolved tremendously over the past 200 years. From the first bicycle without pedals, to the penny-farthing with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, to the modern mountain bike, it took a lot of ingenuity and good ideas. The development in recent years has brought some new technical achievements. First and foremost is the introduction of 29 inch wheels in the mountain bike segment. Racing bikes have also evolved, becoming lighter and more aerodynamic over time. Nowadays, there is a great diversity of bikes. We give you here a rough overview of all bike categories and their Eisatzzweck.


The classic - The road bike

The road bike or road bike is the oldest segment of bicycles. It is a bicycle which was designed for use as a sports device on paved roads. It is characterized by a lightweight design, narrow tires and a so-called bow handlebar. A road bike is the perfect bike for long extensive tours on paved roads or as a sports training device.



Cross Country - The Cross Bike

Originally intended for obstacle-laden circuits in the mud and slush of the winter season, in recent years the all-terrain road bike model is experiencing a second spring. With a good shot of mountain bike technology such as disc brakes, sturdier wheels and tubeless tires, the racy circuit racer with room for wider grippy tires also becomes a hot candidate for your fastest everyday bike or the right coaster for sporty rides on changing surfaces. Discover the versatility of modern cross bikes.



Off-Road -The mountain bike

Under the generic term mountain bike, a variety of very different bikes are offered. Central common feature is the off-road capability, which is based on a special frame shape and the wide tires. The mountain bike is the perfect vehicle if you are often off the road. In the past, it was very easy to choose a mountain bike. There were only unsuspended so-called cross-country bikes. Then came the purely at the front (hardtail) and the front and rear (full suspension) suspended bikes on the market, which brought us more fun and variety.



The all-rounder - The trekking bike

The so-called trekking bikes are designed for longer tours on different terrain. This makes them flexible and combines their characteristics of sportiness and comfort. The tires of a trekking bike are wider than those of a road bike but narrower than those of a mountain bike. It rides sportily and at the same time can be easily loaded with luggage. Just like city bikes, trekking bikes are equipped with a mudguard, luggage rack, lights and reflectors and are therefore suitable for road use. Their versatility makes e-trekking bikes the ideal bike for people who don't want to commit to just one use and want assistance in the form of an electric motor.



The city runabout - The city bike

To be really saddle-fast in everyday life you need a city bike with many qualities. Because in the city traffic it goes turbulent. Therefore, it is especially important to be able to rely on good brakes, the right drive and good tires. A rather upright seating position not only brings comfort to the daily bike routes but - thanks to a better overview - also safety. Of course, a city bike is also equipped with lights and reflectors.



For youngsters - The children's bike

From the first balance attempts to the independent bike ride it is a long but wonderful way. In order to promote the bicycle offspring age-appropriate is a suitable children's bike very important. With the current children's bikes and walker bikes, children today can start shortly after walking through and through suitable safe wheels with child-friendly ergonomics grows with each year of life, the desire to ride a bike.