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With our bicycles and e-bikes, you can ride all your daily routes in a relaxed manner and do without a car. Unfortunately, these popular two-wheelers are also susceptible to damage. Even a minor accident or fall is enough to damage bicycles and especially e-bikes with their sensitive electronics. The result: lengthy repairs and high costs. At the same time, (e-)bikes are very popular with thieves. 

To protect you and your bike from the financial consequences of damage or theft, our insurance partner hepster has developed powerful and comprehensive bike and e-bike insurance that covers you and your bike against damage, theft and wear and tear. 

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To find the right insurance for you, first decide on the basis of your permanent residence in Germany or Austria, which solution is suitable for you. 


The hepster insurances for Germany

The hepster insurances for Austria


The highlights of hepster insurance


  • New value compensation: In case of total loss or theft, hepster pays out at the original price.
  • Worldwide & around the clock: Best protection in every situation, even in case of theft.
  • Without deductible: In the event of damage, you bear no costs of your own.
  • No age restrictions: Whether new or used - every bike and e-bike can be insured up to €20,000.
  • Including battery damage: Damage or wear to the battery or electronics are covered. 
  • Including accessories: Loose accessories and luggage, such as saddle bag, lock or child seat, are covered up to €350 per claim. 
  • For every bike: All bikes and e-bikes, including cargo bikes and carbon bikes up to 25km/h can be insured.
  • Fast help: Thanks to TÜV-certified customer service and fast claims settlement.


Why with hepster?

hepster takes the topic of insurance to a new, digital level and makes taking out insurance as easy as online shopping. In doing so, hepster relies on three principles:

  • 100 % flexible
  • 100 % digital
  • 100 % safe

With hepster, everything runs digitally and automatically - from booking your insurance, to contract management, to reporting claims. And all that without annoying paperwork, complicated fine print and hidden cancellation periods. So you're covered for your (e-)bike at all times and exactly as you want it.

What tariffs offers hepster?

All-round theft protection
Insured are simple theft, burglary, robbery and predatory extortion as well as a partial theft, e.g. if the handlebars or luggage rack are stolen.

Fully comprehensive cover for theft, damage and wear and tear
The fully comprehensive tariff of hepster offers you comprehensive protection in case of damage, theft and even wear and tear around the clock (24/7). This includes accident, fall and transport damage, vandalism, operating errors as well as wear and tear, fire, storm, hail and similar elemental damage. In the case of e-bikes, battery damage and electronic damage are also covered.


Monthly or annual subscription
With hepster, you can choose whether you want to book your insurance on a monthly or annual subscription. This way you have full control at all times and can decide for yourself how long you need your insurance. Your hepster coverage is automatically renewed from month to month or year to year. You can easily cancel your contract at any time with a notice period of 3 days to the end of the term. Please note: The monthly subscription has a minimum term of 3 months. 

FAQ - The most important questions about your hepster insurance

How can I insure my bike or e-bike with hepster?

You can easily insure your (e-)bike with just a few clicks through our official insurance partner hepster. Simply select your desired insurance according to your residence at hepster and secure yourself and your bike in just a few steps.

Why is a distinction made between Austria and Germany? 

Due to insurance regulations, your main residence is decisive for the choice of your insurance. Only if you specify this correctly, hepster can guarantee the insurance coverage for you in case of damage.

Do I have to specify a sum insured?

Yes, for optimal insurance coverage, it is necessary that you specify the purchase price of your bike including the associated accessories when booking your insurance. 
Please note: Please always keep the invoice or proof of purchase of your e-bike, which shows the date and the original purchase amount. This is not necessary for the conclusion of the insurance, but should a claim occur, hepster needs the information to process the claim.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for a particular bike lock?

No, unlike most other providers, there are no requirements or a certain minimum value for a bicycle lock at hepster. Tip: For sufficient protection against theft, the bike lock should be worth about 10% of the purchase price.

About hepster
The Rostock-based InsurTech hepster was founded in 2016 and takes the topic of insurance to a new, digital level, focusing on the needs of people today. Thus, hepster creates the best insurance experience for its customers and partners. Insurances from the areas of (e-)bike, electronics, sports equipment as well as accident and travel insurances can be booked completely digitally with just a few clicks. At the same time, hepster develops individual solutions and integrates them seamlessly into the sales systems of its cooperation partners. All essential business processes, including booking, document creation and claims settlement, are digital and fully automated. Since 2017, hepster has already been able to convince over countless partners and customers of itself and its customized insurance products. For its excellent customer service and insurance services, hepster has received several awards so far, including from TÜV Saarland and renowned magazines. |