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Shipping to Switzerland

Information for our customers in Switzerland.

Can I order from Fitstore24 from Switzerland?

Of course, we at Fitstore24 also offer our products to customers in Switzerland. To see the prices valid for Switzerland - please register in our online shop with a Swiss address - or log into your existing customer account.

What are the shipping costs and Switzerland?

Up to an order value of 250,00 EUR shipping costs in the amount of 25,- EUR are charged and have to be paid by the buyer. If the order value is higher, we deliver free of charge.

Will I be charged Austrian VAT?

No. For orders with billing and delivery address in Switzerland, we do not charge Austrian VAT.
Furthermore, we deliver all orders to Switzerland already duty paid and taxed (DDP) - this means that there are no further costs for you as a buyer. 

If you are registered as a Swiss customer in our online shop, our system already calculates the absolute final price including all customs duties and import tax.

Does the purchase pay off for customers from Switzerland?

In any case. Especially with higher-priced items, you have an enormous price advantage due to the lower VAT. An e-bike with a gross sales price of e.g. 5499.- EUR in Austria, comes to 5059.- EUR including customs clearance and import tax. 

How do I see the Swiss prices including all taxes?

To do so, register in our shop with a Swiss address - after login/registration, the Swiss prices including customs clearance and import tax are automatically displayed on the item pages.

I still have questions about delivery to Switzerland


If you have any further questions about ordering from Switzerland - our customer service is always available at